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Hamburg boasts 31 theatres, 6 music halls, 10 cabarets and 50 state and private museums.

Hamburg offers year-round cultural attractions for its visitors. Choose from many museums, concerts and exhibitions and organize your stay in Hamburg how it’s best for you or just make a walk through Hamburg and get the different faces of this beautiful city to know. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any device or if you need help in planning your trip.

What can you experience?

Stroll through the shops (eg Mönckebergstraße, Spitalerstraße, Jungfernstieg) and visit the shopping malls.

Theater and musicals in a variety.

There are various museums. Interesting are especially museums which show the city's history as a port and trading center, for example the new International Maritime Museum. A fantastic collection about seafaring. Also interesting are the Customs Museum and the Spice Museum.

The Michaelis church, called the "Michel", is the Hamburg’s landmark. You can walk up the church tower and get a panoramic view of the harbor and the city.

Of course you have to make a boat trip through the harbor. There you will see among other things the large container ships, which are using container cranes loading and unloading. Enjoy passing the old warehouses and the new Hafencity. You can start the boat trips or take the ferries from the jetties, the floating dock in this tidal harbor.

Fish Market:
A peculiarity is the fish market. Everything is on sale on Sunday morning. Typical Hamburg tradesman convince those who just come from the last party as well as citizens to buy their products. After the fish market you should walk through the Old Elbe Tunnel. Structurally an interesting old good engineering.

E.g. stroll around the beautiful Alster Lake with magnificent villas and gardens or take the harbor ferry from Landungsbrücken to Övelgönne. Passing the harbor museum with old historic ships you can walk along the river Elbe, passing old captain houses and beautiful villas and stroll to Blankenese. Here you can explore the quarter of staircases.

Planten un Blomen:
Discover Planten un Blomen, a large park in the middle of the city. An oasis of peace. In the evening you can enjoy the water organ with its dancing fountains with music and light illustration.

The Reeperbahn is one of Hamburg’s most popular streets. The red-light district rubs shoulders with restaurants, bars, theatres, shows and nightclubs. Interesting is a tour with the DRAG queen Olivia Jones.

Hagenbeck Zoo:
In this traditional zoo of a hamburger family is always something new to explore. The zoo is a great day out no matter what the weather.

These are only some suggestions. We would be happy to provide further information.
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